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Yetisports Collection 1

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ALL IN ONE: Contains Yetisports 1-4WORLDWIDE RANKING: Top and compare your personal HighscoreUnlock two exclusive bonus gamesYou really love Yetis and Penguins!
Yetisports Part 1Penguins don't fly. That's a known fact. But what if... Pengu and some friends want to change that! Help Yeti to make Pengu fly and control Pengu's 'flight' by rotating the penguin. Belly bounces are welcome and helpful! Can you reach the highest point on the big ice wall and show off your result in the top ten? Score = Bounces * Height on icewall
Yetisports Part 2Next mission to make our Pengu fly. Use our friend Orca to gain some Pengu-airspace and hit as many Pengus as you can without missing one. An oversized dart board gives some extra points there... Score = Pengu count (board points serve as secondary score)
Yetisports Part 3Up! Up! Up! All the way up! Throw Pengu up to the seals. They will try to help! Seals can push up your penguin (up to 3 times per seal). Try not to hit their platforms tho'... oh, and you can (somewhat) control Pengu in air... Score = total travelled air distance
Yetisports Part 4Let albatrosses do the work this time and carry Pengu as far as possible to the right. Control a limited number of wingflaps per albatross and pass on Pengu to the next albatross (drop). Early albatrosses have more wingflaps! Use them! Distance = Score.